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Captain Barnett Carter

2nd Great Grandfather Barnett looked down the dust-filled road and waited. The September air was crisp. The colors of the changing leaves were a beautiful rainbow surrounding them. But Barnett knew that the quiet would not last. Colonel Platt’s Zouaves of the 34th Ohio were on the March and headed their way with the goal of cutting off the rebel wildcats down in Logan. The … Continue reading Captain Barnett Carter

William Francis Dowd (1899-1984)

Grandfather of Spouse As we prepare to close out this year of 2018, I feel it appropriate to recognize that this is the centennial of the end of World War I, also referred to as The Great War. William Francis Dowd was one of  the many who answered the call from the city of Lowell, Massachusetts. We are fortunate that he did not make the … Continue reading William Francis Dowd (1899-1984)

William Vieweg (1892-1974)

Spouse’s Grandfather Brown haired, blue-eyed William was born at home on Chestnut Street in Lawrence, Massachusetts to German immigrants and lived in the Merrimack River Valley throughout his life. His education was through the 5th grade and he could read and write. 1910:  In the 1910 census, he was 17 years old, living in his parents’ (Frank and Mary Miller Vieweg) home and working as an operator in … Continue reading William Vieweg (1892-1974)