I have never been good with new year resolutions. Like many others, my good intentions fall by the wayside. So, I will not call this a resolution, but an intention. I intend to write about one ancestor each week in the coming year. Some weeks I will use the 52 ancestors challenge prompts, but on others I will wing it.

I have dabbled in genealogy intermittently for many years and only recently have I looked at the mass of information and thought “so what?” As a lifelong student of history, or SUF (source of useless facts) as my brother once so aptly put it, I have decided to place my own family in the context of historical events. History is what it is. We cannot change what has happened in the past, but by review we can, and should, learn and grow. I am certain that the lives of my ancestors would not meets today’s politically correct standards, but if they did it would mean that as a people we have not evolved, so I will present them as they were during their era, without excuse or apology. It is what it is.


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