Vital Statistics – January

January Births

5- Rhoda Vance 1811

5- Peter Michael Phillips 1951

8- Eskie Ellis 1922

8- Barnett Carter 1879

11- Ollie Cox 1789

12- Ann Carter 1955

12- William Vieweg 1892

13- James Benjamin Phillips 1927

16- Peter Demarest 1726

18- Mary Agnes Rutkowski 1901

18- Martha Spence 1872

19- Peter Madison Mullins 1873

20- Hezakiah Adkins 1795

22- James Carter 1873


1- Harley Curry 1967

4- David Wilburn Mullins 1980

4 – Thomas Nelson

5- Archibald Adkins 1856

7- William Francis Dowd 1954

8- Gertrude Dowd 1995

8- Christian Vieweg 1887

11- Edmund Browning 1906

13- NancyAnn Browning 1924

14- Andrew Jackson Browning 1915

14- James Monterville Browning 1915

16- John Christian 1924

16- Phoebe Robinson 1920

19- William Francis Dowd 1984

21- Francis Browning 1775

22- Ollie Cox 1877

23- Joseph Green Ellis 1932

24- Daniel Harmon 1820

24- Julie Mullins 1940

29- John Cathey 1764

31- Ann Cathey 1767

31- Anderson J. Ellis 1906


3- Peter Madison Mullins and Alifair Robinson 1905

25- William J. Phillips and Larene Mullins 1947

My husband recently asked what my blog would be about when I have written about “all my ancestors”. I took a look into the vital statistics from my family tree, there were 1469 names listed. Granted, not all of those are direct ancestors, there are lots of uncles, aunts, and cousins; many, many cousins. Cousins are some of the most meaningful relationships that we have as children that are outside of our immediate family circle.

If I write about one ancestor each week, I should have material for the 28+ years. That does not include the new ancestors that I discover along the way! Safe to say that I should have enough inspiration to keep me going for some time. But, it seems a shame to cue all these people up to wait for their stories to be told. So, I am going to devote one post each month to vital statistics. Here will be a list of births, deaths and marriages. For those with a confirmed date, I will add them during the appropriate month. Those with years only will be listed in a separate series and hopefully a Cousin is out there who can fill in the missing pieces. If you have missing info for my ancestors, please contact me so that we can work this puzzle of family together.

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