Heinrich Adam Hermann

Maternal 5th Great Grandfather As a part of the 52 Ancestors Challenge by Amy Johnson Crow, this first week of January is dedicated to writing about a first in relation to our ancestor. Heinrich Adam Hermann was the first of my Harman ancestors to immigrate from Germany. Heinrich, known as Adam, was born around 1700 in the Southwestern part of Germany. Some texts give Baden-Wurtemberg … Continue reading Heinrich Adam Hermann

Vital Statistics – January

January Births 5- Rhoda Vance 1811 5- Peter Michael Phillips 1951 8- Eskie Ellis 1922 8- Barnett Carter 1879 11- Ollie Cox 1789 12- Ann Carter 1955 12- William Vieweg 1892 13- James Benjamin Phillips 1927 16- Peter Demarest 1726 18- Mary Agnes Rutkowski 1901 18- Martha Spence 1872 19- Peter Madison Mullins 1873 20- Hezakiah Adkins 1795 22- James Carter 1873 Deaths 1- Harley … Continue reading Vital Statistics – January

William Francis Dowd (1899-1984)

Grandfather of Spouse As we prepare to close out this year of 2018, I feel it appropriate to recognize that this is the centennial of the end of World War I, also referred to as The Great War. William Francis Dowd was one of  the many who answered the call from the city of Lowell, Massachusetts. We are fortunate that he did not make the … Continue reading William Francis Dowd (1899-1984)

Merry Christmas

I took a holiday from writing about ancestors for this week so that I can spend the time preparing for Christmas. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but most people have something to celebrate this time of year. I have gathered information about my ancestors for many years. As I recently looked through the files, binders, photos, CDs and various other ephemera, I found that it really … Continue reading Merry Christmas